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New Game(s) Coming Soon...

2010-12-16 21:25:15 by DogBomb

Read the damn title.

Hey Guys!
As some of you may have noticed, I have a game out called Gibber. Now, my friend, AwesomeAR, and I plan to do a couple more games together. One of which will be Gibber II. But, for now, I'll try to make an independent game. Maybe about apples. I don't really know/care. I did have an idea for a cooking game, but it's sorta retarded. Newgrounds people would love it! :D. Alright guys, I'm going to go. But keep on the lookout for more of my games!

Coming Attractions

2010-01-02 04:36:17 by DogBomb

'Alo 'alo 'alo. I think some people may be happy to hear that I'm finally making a not stupid Falsh. Just thought you guys might want to know, because SOMEONE...*cough* beefyboy12 *cough* Kept rating my CHRISTMAS MAYHEM video 0. Nice one. *** hole. Anyway, I'm making an animation that will actually make sense. So, keep on the look out!

Oh Crap

2009-11-10 20:54:41 by DogBomb

Well, First day on NewGrounds. I guess I should explain my weird name. DogBomb is the name of my animated series, and I heard from friends that NewGrounds is a good place to post Flash Animations. I hope to have some of my animations out by the end of 09, but school is difficult, seeing as I have homework 8 out of every 5 days, so not much time at all to animate. On a not so different note, I may need help on ActionScript, new to it. Well, for you who read this, Keep a look out ;). I should also have a profile Picture soon. Maybe an icon. Ah well. Ta-Ta for now.

-Jack of Dog Bomb