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Oh Crap

2009-11-10 20:54:41 by DogBomb

Well, First day on NewGrounds. I guess I should explain my weird name. DogBomb is the name of my animated series, and I heard from friends that NewGrounds is a good place to post Flash Animations. I hope to have some of my animations out by the end of 09, but school is difficult, seeing as I have homework 8 out of every 5 days, so not much time at all to animate. On a not so different note, I may need help on ActionScript, new to it. Well, for you who read this, Keep a look out ;). I should also have a profile Picture soon. Maybe an icon. Ah well. Ta-Ta for now.

-Jack of Dog Bomb


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2009-11-27 19:51:44

kool,also,did EddsWorld draw your homepage avy?

also,at comment below,why?

DogBomb responds:

No, eddsworld didn't draw my homepage avi. ;)