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2010-01-02 04:36:17 by DogBomb

'Alo 'alo 'alo. I think some people may be happy to hear that I'm finally making a not stupid Falsh. Just thought you guys might want to know, because SOMEONE...*cough* beefyboy12 *cough* Kept rating my CHRISTMAS MAYHEM video 0. Nice one. *** hole. Anyway, I'm making an animation that will actually make sense. So, keep on the look out!


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2010-01-05 19:32:58

Oi! Fuck off cockfag!

Love you too :D, see you at school.

Oh, and by the way, I can still fail you you know. I am, after all, your TEACHER! MWUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Btw, found a funny forensics piece we should try, check it: ripSM

Peace :P